I didn’t write my first stories until my early 20s, believe it or not. Before then, I was an artist and a gamer, which meant I told my stories in different ways. Once I started writing, however, I didn’t stop. As to when I wrote my first piece of professional fiction… that’s debatable. I wrote fiction pieces for the various roleplaying game books, but they were never as satisfying as my first fiction-only piece for the Deadlands Anthology. After that, my friend Philippe Boulle offered me the chance to write my first novel for White Wolf, entitled Blood In, Blood Out.  I’ll let my resume tell the rest of the story.

Y E A R   T I T L E C O M P A N Y
2008 “Hell in a Handbasket” for Blood Lite Anthology Pocket Books
2007 “Serenade” for Horrors Beyond II Anthology Elder Signs Press
2007 “Song of the Mother” for Dragonlance: Dragons of Time Anthology Wizards of the Coast
2007 Imperial Guard: Desert Raiders Black Library
2006 The Alien Sea (Champions, Volume Two) Wizards of the Coast
2006 Fleshworks (Necromunda) The Black Library
2006 "The Sand Veils" for The Dragons' Return ( Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved) Malhavoc Press
2005 Blood In, Blood Out Novel White Wolf
2005 Spycraft Web Serial #2 & #4 Alderac Entertainment Group
2004 "Marine Skies" for Dragonlance: Search for Power Anthology Wizards of the Coast
2004 "Altar of Cyrene" for Inferno Magazine #45 Black Library
2004 "Stone Ghosts" for Children of the Rune Anthology White Wolf
2004 "Forever Young" for Path of the Bold Anthology (Origins Award Winning Anthology) Guardians of Order
2004 "Sascha Vykos" for Clan Novels: Compendium #3 White Wolf
2003 "The Whispering Wars" for Path of the Just Anthology Guardians of Order
2003 "Homelands" for Book of Final Flesh Anthology Eden Studios
2002 "Gingerbread Houses" for Lucifer's Shadow Anthology White Wolf
1999 "No Man's Law" for Deadland's Fiction Anthology II Pinnacle Entertainment Group


Desert Raiders Blood In Blood Out Fleshworks Alien Sea
Horrors Beyond 2 Dragons of Time  



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